Monday, June 6, 2011

Sorry for not updating you for such a long time...APRIL

At the end of April I was about 2 weeks sick with intensive diarreah...since today I have no clue what the reason was. I guess it was not the Pizza I ate one day before. At a certain point when I had fever in combination with vomiting I went to the hospital to make a Malaria test. Fortunately it turned out to be negative.

Easter was not at all like normally. Everybody here went to church, due to my sickness I spent most of the day in bed. There was nothing like the tradition we have in Austria with a cake, presents and a good meal. There were no blossoming trees, nothing... I felt worse than the day before and most of the day I spent in bed or at the bathroom.

On Monday 25th I celebrated my 24th birthday in Mozambique. My family was cute and organized me a little party. I still felt weak and was only able to eat a bit from all. I couldn't resist to eat a little bit of my birthday cake, delicious!

During the whole week from 25th onwards I stayed at home. I couldn't imagine working in Massaca (well you never saw the toilets we use there) and my stomach wasn't prepared yet for the local food. Whenever I thought that I am better the next day it just got worse again, I felt horrible...

On May 1st is the worker's day here in Mozambique. On Monday the 2nd we celebrated this day in Massaca where all the workers from all the centers from Namaacha, Massaca and Impaputo met. It was a great day, we ate chicken with rice and fries, everyone received Coke or Fanta and there was even beer available!

Wednesday, 4th: Yes, I killed a chicken with a knife for the first time in my life!

Sunday, 8th: Mother's day but no one can tell me if it's today or if it was last week, it seems only Father's day has here a certain importance...

14. & 15.05. Bilene & Xai-Xai with friends, amazing times at the beach!!!

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