Tuesday, January 18, 2011

First steps in Mozambique

on the way from Johannesburg to Maputo

My very first glimpse of Mozambique. Here I got my first impression of the muddy streets with its red color..

When I arrived here, we first went to my new family to get to know them. They are so kind! Mama Atalya with her daughter Anna and her baby Maleik and a son called Jorge.

Anne and I spent the weekend in Maputo together with my family, mostly just sitting together with the family, walking a bit around and chilled. On Monday sister Maria Paula picked us up, showed us Massaca, my future workplace. Then we drove further to Impaputo where Anne currently works and then finally to Namaacha. Since that time I'm in Namaacha where i stay with Anne's family. It's hard to describe how my life here in Namaacha looks like, even if I would try to describe it you wouldn't be able to imagine it fully. I couldn't imagine it while I was in Austria.

Obviously, it's rainy season. Here in Namaacha it rains approximately every day once. It's also much colder here than in Maputo. While we slept in Maputo we always used to wake up at 6:00 or 6:30 because we couldn't sleep anymore due to the heat. In TV they warn a lot about Malaria, currently there are many mosquitos in Maputo area.
View from the kitchen

The building over there is called Barraca where people go there and drink and listen to music. Everybody here listens music in a sound level which nobody would believe. At 6:00 AM people already start listening to music.

BEFORE- Walking home from the bar where we used internet, lots of rain!

After... the paths are way too muddy for me to handle.
Here in Namaacha we wash our clothes by hand, the housemaid cooks at a fireplace and only uses the stove for warming-up food or for keeping food warm. We also use it for heating water for taking a bath or having a tea. Taking a bath without having water out of the tab is not really a problem for me. What really disturbs me are the huge cockroaches we have here. As I'm so afraid of them I already killed one.


I gotta go now, take care guys & hope I can soon give you another update from my life here in Mozambique!

xoxo Melanie


  1. nice to hear, believe me i can imagine. It is a combination of fascination and shock :D. Nice to hear something about you and your time in Mozambique. I decided not to leave for Mozambique at the moment. I would love too, but it is not the time for it.

    I hope you are enjoying the other lifestyle where people are more worth than tasks :D. Enjoy the meetings in the daily life and the stories.

    God may bless you christoph (Austria)