Thursday, January 6, 2011

The key of change is to let go of fear.

Only some more hours to go until I'm in the plane on the way to Maputo. The plane leaves Munich at 8:50 pm and I'm going to have a lay-over in Johannesburg and will then finally arrive in Maputo at 7:35 am local time. As always my luggage weighs way too much, especially my hand luggage! I'm still hoping that everything will work out perfectly.

Yesterday some friends popped in to say goodbye which I really enjoyed, thanks to y'all once again and all the gorgeous text messages and phone calls I received. I'm still quite confused and I didn't realize yet that I'm leaving in some hours.

As soon as I find an internet connection I'll give my best to write you again!

Fly, like a bird,
across the sky,
wide open wings,
towards the sun.
Here I come,
beautiful Africa.


  1. Na aber hallo hoffe du bist gut angekommen. DIe wirkliche ankunft dauert ja dann noch etwas länger :D.

  2. danke, Christoph! Die wirkliche Ankunft dauert wirklich etwas laenger... aber es wird :) Alles Liebe, Melanie