Thursday, April 14, 2011

Follow-up 05.04.2011

Saturday afternoon I ended up on my best party here so far. Nina, my neighbor took me with her. We picked up Ruth and Nino and drove to Machava, a district of Maputo. First I only expected a barbecue with friends but it turned out to be the birthday of a guy called Gildo who turned 31. The place was awesome with a small house where we had lots of food and a pool. We didn’t have an idea that the place has a pool so we weren’t prepared. I love how Mozambicans party. We arrived at around 4:00 were the first ones already started to dance. No lie, it had 40 degrees and we were dancing and drinking. All of a sudden a guy grabbed me and threw me with my dress in the pool. Best thing that could happened to me. Damn we had so much fun! After me and my friends all ended up in the pool we just danced in the pool. What night! I enjoyed it a lot.
Me and Gildo who turned 31

Gorgeous friends- Enina, Ruth, Gildo and Nino

Enina, Ruth and I

Sunday I went with Nina and her cousin and her friend to the beach.  There I also got to know another friend of them, as well as Jeffrey who’s from South Africa but lives in Mozambique since 9 years. He lives in Inhaca. I definitely need to visit him next time I’m there. I couldn’t describe a better Sunday. Chilling with friends at the beach, eating chicken, coconuts and drinking some beers. Until this Sunday I never went  swimming at Costa do Sol. Honestly, it’s a bit dirty but who cares? I was happy to go for a swim.
Coca Cola here and there and everywhere

Jeffrey and I at Costa do Sol

Yesterday it was the first time it felt really cold here in Mozambique. Gosh! I went to work with a jeans, shoes and a sweater. I never went to work with such an outfit. If this is the Mozambican weather I definitely NOT look forward to it. The Mozambicans said they were happy that it’s getting a bit colder and yesterday lots still only had a T-Shirt on. The wind here definitely feels much colder and it feels like autumn or spring in Austria.

Today I saw the first time how they kill chicken here in the center. Honestly, I was almost about to puke. The kids treated the chicken very bad before killing them. I was so angry. How could you beat up chickens before you kill them? I talked a serious word with them and told them that it’s important to have respect for animals. They killed them with a knife and very slowly. I had the impression we kill them in a faster way at home.

Next time I am going to report about the wedding in Namaacha!

Love, Melanie

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